Useful information for technicians


Please send the sectioned model + antagonist + bite (the articulator would also help us). The abutments, gums and neighboring teeth should be removable. The abutment must be prepared for scanning, by marking very well, with the mill, the neck or threshold area. Info: 0745768572. Specify in the laboratory sheet the term (the day you want to receive the frame, while respecting our deadlines).

The files that come to us till 12.00 and that require no design changes, will be put on the first platform, and so we can ship the metal frame the next day. In the afternoon we receive files up to 21.00, but please call us until 18:00 o'clock to agree on the day that we send the metal frame. On Saturday we receive files and models (by courier) until 14.00 o'clock, and the metal frames will be shipped on Monday!

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